Review for Returnal on PC

One of the first genuine PlayStation 5 exclusive games was Housemarque’s Returnal, a well-known third-person shooter with difficult gameplay, roguelike elements, and an engrossing sci-fi plot that puts a novel spin on the Groundhog Day-style mystery. Although receiving a lot of positive feedback from PlayStation players, the game’s extreme difficulty turned off a lot of players. With Climax Studios’ recently released version, PC gamers can finally enjoy the game’s fascinating gameplay and see what all the hype is about.

One of the newest PlayStation exclusives to hit the PC is called Returnal, and it has a tonne of features. The game has been substantially improved so that it plays and looks even better on the PC, where it already looks gorgeous on the PS5. The extra improvements, however, come with a requirement that gamers have the necessary gear to support them. The game ran flawlessly in our tests with an AMD Ryzen 9 and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, which delivered fantastic results. The game’s breathtaking graphics will take players’ breath away as they play as the tragic Selene and explore the planet Atropos on high-end PCs.

In the video game Returnal, a variety of strange extraterrestrial beings assault Selene with bright, multicoloured energy beams that are especially noticeable in the game’s gloomy areas. Selene must defeat these adversaries while dodging their assaults with the weapons she discovers while exploring the procedurally created planet of Atropos. Battles in Returnal are never comfortable because losing means restarting the entire “cycle.”

Returnal’s normal foes can already give players the willies, but facing one of the bosses dramatically ups the ante. These battles are the game’s high point since they are so difficult. To overcome these obstacles, players must be properly outfitted with the best upgrades and have their talents refined to the absolute maximum. Players do not have to replay any boss fights when they die and restart the game, which makes defeating a boss feel like a huge accomplishment.

The generated surroundings of Returnal force players to rely on their abilities and reaction speeds, in contrast to games that rely on memorization. The game is quite rewarding for those that put in the time to develop their skills, but some players may get frustrated by how difficult it is. If it weren’t for how frequently people die and have to restart the game, it would be clear how short it is.

For those who appreciate demanding games and roguelike mechanics, Returnal offers a gratifying and difficult experience. PC players who haven’t tried the PS5 version might think about doing so, but they might also want to invest in a DualSense PS5 controller to get the complete PS5 experience. Despite the effectiveness of the mouse and keyboard controls, the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adjustable triggers significantly improve battle in the game. Using a controller, dodging attacks is also simpler.

Because the DualSense controller works with PCs, PC gamers may enjoy all of the same features as PS5 owners, including post-launch patches like the Ascension update with online co-op. Those who wish to play co-op mode on PC, however, should be aware that they might need to spend money on a PS5 controller. While we were unable to test the co-op option on the PC, it is anticipated to work similarly to the PS5, where two players work together to finish the campaign.

Co-op and the Tower of Sisyphus, a wave-based mode accessible early in the playthrough, were both introduced by Returnal’s Ascension update. The Tower of Sisyphus is primarily made for players that are experienced with the game and looking for new difficulties. After its release, the Returnal PC version has included the Tower of Sisyphus and online co-op, making the game more complete than when it first launched on the PS5.

Moreover, the Returnal PC port includes quality-of-life improvements added to the original game after its release, such as the capability to pause the current cycle. Returnal initially lacked a suitable save system, which made it difficult for players to pause in the middle of a run. The ability to suspend one’s cycle was implemented by Housemarque in response to user feedback and is accessible to PC gamers right away.

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is a special feature that provides improved haptic feedback and adaptable triggers. The Returnal game on PS5 fully utilises these characteristics, which were created particularly to increase gaming immersion. The DualSense controller, however, may be used with a PC, allowing PC players to play Returnal with the same level of immersion as PS5 players.

The PC version of Returnal has exactly the same material as the PS5 version, including the Ascension update’s additional additions of the Tower of Sisyphus and online co-op. This indicates that PC users won’t have to wait for a separate update in order to use these new capabilities. Returnal’s online co-op option enables two players to cooperate and attempt to win the game together. Although the author did not test this mode on a PC, it is anticipated that it will operate similarly to how it does on a PS5.

Returnal’s PC port includes quality-of-life features that were later added to the PS5 version in addition to the extra content. One such feature lets players pause their progress in the middle of a game and pick up where they left off later by allowing them to suspend their current cycle. Fans complained that the original game’s lack of a decent save system was annoying, thus this feature was added in response.

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