Microsoft’s Xbox App Now Allow Users to install PC Games to Any Folder

The Xbox app is becoming more like Steam, now gamers can choose their installation folder.

Microsoft has brought some good news to PC players this week. Microsoft’s Xbox app is now able to let you install PC games in any folder on your system. The feature comes with those with the Xbox Windows 10 or the new Windows 11 operating system. Many users download games from the Windows Store but are restricted to a single folder where games are installed with all their files.

Now, the system has been redesigned to make it easier for the user and to assist developers with better back-end processes. Microsoft says users are not required to re-install existing games on their system for the changes to take effect.

As you may know, Microsoft had a fixed path to install games before this. Users had the WindowsApp folder where all the new games were installed, along with its files. But now it gives users the ability to add games to any folder and allows them to use space on their system more effectively. You no longer need to save all downloaded games to the C Drive of the PC.

The new games you install in the Windows Store will give users the option to select the source folder to download. This new feature comes with the Xbox app with a software update, which should be installed on Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

There is no doubt that the new option in the Xbox app is Microsoft’s way of repeating what Steam has done over the years in the industry.

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