How to Use the Metal Detector in RAFT

One of the arrangements players of Raft can find on the Caravan Town story islet is for a essence sensor. Specifically, the design is deep aquatic in the same vessel where players can find the sanitorium key.

Metal Detector in RAFT
Metal Detector in RAFT

The cost of a essence sensor is fairly cheap, and players only need 12 plastic, 6 scrap, and a simple battery. Once it’s erected, players can use it on any islet (including Caravan Town) to discover all kinds of precious buried treasure. still, its battery life is limited, so it’s important to know how to make the utmost of this essential tool.

Using the Metal Detector in RAFT

Like any other tool, Raft players must put the essence sensor in an active niche and hold down the left mouse button to use it. When they do, and if there is commodity buried in the area, several lights will appear on the sensor’s display. The near the player is to the treasure, the further lights will turn on, and when all nine are on, that means the treasure is directly under.

Another discovery element is audio. When players are close enough to the buried spot for the green lights to turn on, the essence sensor will start snapping, and the closer players get, the briskly the snapping gets. Once players are right on top of the treasure, players will hear a quiet chime.

The big strike to the essence sensor is that it has limited battery life. To make the utmost of the sensor, players should use it just long enough to see the lights, also put it down until they can use it for another split second on another spot. This will let players get close to the treasure without using the essence sensor for further than a many seconds.

One thing the essence sensor can not do is dig up the buried treasure. To do that, players will need to bring along a shovel. The buried treasure will not flash like the spots where players can gather dirt, but if players dig in the spot where the essence sensor chimed, the buried treasure will crop. Players must dig with the shovel three times to completely uncover and collect the treasure.

Treasures Detector

There are four effects that buried treasure can be in Raft a pile of junk, a wallet, a safe, or a tiki head. Indeed buried junk is worth digging up because it can contain useful accoutrements like scrap and monuments. Still, buried strongboxes contain rare particulars like titanium, unique oils and mail videotapes, and essence beams.

still, the rarest buried treasure is the tiki head. There are four buried tiki heads in the game, and players can get the achievement” Former Glory!” by mounding them all in the correct order. To learn that order, players should look nearly at the colored stripes at the top and bottom of each tiki head. The nethermost head does not have a stripe on its base, and the other stripes should all match the colors of the tiki heads they connect to. For case, the nethermost head has a green stripe at the top, so the tiki head that goes directly on it should be the one with a green stripe under its chin.

One last thing players should know is that buried treasures do not live until players use the essence sensor and a light turns on. This means players can not dig aimlessly with the shovel and anticipate to find anything before they visit Caravan Town. So if players want a regular source of titanium, they’ll need to make and use a essence sensor.

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