How to Get Thunder Stones and Which Pokemon Evolve with Them in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Every elaboration gravestone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is important, but the Thunder Stone is arguably the most important of all. The item is used to evolve five different Pokemon, including both addict pets and fun beginners.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Thunder Stones
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Thunder Stones

All the familiar elaboration monuments from once titles can be set up in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. But while some are used on as many as one Pokemon, players will need several Thunder monuments to complete the Pokedex. Then’s where to get them and which Pokemon to use them on.

Getting Thunder Stones in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players can buy Thunder monuments at any time from Delibird Presents. Each Delibird Presents position has Thunder monuments available for trade for $3,000 each. This eventually allows players to buy as numerous as they would like, making Pokemon Scarlet & Violet much more accessible than some other recent Pokemon games when it comes to sourcing elaboration particulars.

Players can also find them for free in the wild. They’ve a chance to be set up on the ground in numerous areas, but there are a many guaranteed ways to get them as well. The easiest to come in is a price on the trip toward completing thePokedex.However, they admit a Thunder Stone as a price, If players add 30 Pokemon to their Pokedex.

The stylish option is north of the West Province Area One Pokemon Center near the Open Sky Titan master battle. Across the swash are a number of windmills, some of which have staircases that helical up to their top. One of them has a Thunder Stone at the top. The exact position on the chart can be seen then:

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Thunder Stone Location
Pokemon Scarlet Violet Thunder Stone Location

List of Pokemon to Evolve With a Thunder Stone?

At present, there are six discovered Pokemon that evolve by using a Thunder Stone. Though other elaboration monuments are nearly useless in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet due to the fairly limited Pokedex, numerous of the stable Thunder Stone progressions appear in the Paldea region. Then are all the Pokemon that evolve by using a Thunder Stone:

• Pikachu
• Magneton
• Eevee
• Eelektrik
• Charjabug
• Tadbulb

Pikachu, Eevee, and Eelektrik have always evolved with the use of a Thunder Stone, but Pokemon Sword & Shield mixed effects up with the elaboration gravestone. preliminarily, Charjabug and Magneton demanded to be leveled up in a specific position in order to evolve. Game Freak changed that by also allowing them to evolve with a Thunder Stone in generation eight, and those changes stuck.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet also introduced a new Pokemon, Tadbulb. Tadbulb can evolve into Bellibolt at any time using a Thunder Stone. Though all of these Pokemon can be set up in the wild and in Tera Raid battles, the fastest and most dependable way for players to get them is by picking up some Thunder monuments and evolving them.

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