How to Check YouTube Comment History

Posting a comment on a YouTube videotape is a common practice for numerous people. You can engage in unconcerned badinage with other observers or read to see if anyone differently has made perceptive reflections. still, it cannot be easy to see, edit or remove your recent comments if you don’t know where to look.

Check YouTube Comment History
Check YouTube Comment History

That’s where the YouTube comment history point comes in. Then you can see all your once comments sorted according to the dates. This point of YouTube is a part of the excellent exertion operation tool offered by the platform. Then you can see, edit or control all your conditioning, including comments, live converse dispatches, vids you saved, and more.

Reason for Checking Comment History

Still, you ’ve presumably written hundreds, if not thousands, If you ’re a huge YouTube bystander. So, you might want to see your YouTube commentary history to go back to an old comment. You may want to

  • Remove any comments you believe are no longer applicable in light of the current situation.
  • Remove a comment you find disparaging, rude, or discourteous to other users.
  • Remove or correct any misspelled comments you ’ve posted.
  • You can revise a comment to make it more up- to- date by adding new information.
  • You can get a comment back and post it away besides YouTube (in case of participating links or some other word).
  • Whatever the case may be, your comments can be fluently located, modified, or removed.

Finding YouTube comments

  1. Go to your YouTube homepage and select “History” option from drop-down menu. You can find this by click three vertical lines on left side.
  2. Select “Comments” option under the Manage all history section. You can find this on the right side of the screen.
    Comment History
    Comment History
  3. Here you can see all the comments. Just select the comment and you will be taken back to the video where you posted this specific comment. Now you can edit or remove the comment.

Finding YouTube Comment History using Phone

Open your YouTube mobile application and follow the below steps further to reach the conclusion.

  1. Open YouTube app and tap on the profile picture icon in the top right corner.
  2. Now tap on the “Your data in YouTube” option from the list. It will lead you to your YouTube dashboard.
  3. Now tap on the Comments and you will be able to find all the comments history that you can view, edit or remove.
    Comment History on Phone
    Comment History on Phone
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