Google Chrome will End Support for Previous Windows Version

It’s taken nearly two times, but if you want to keep using Google Chrome in the way you’re used to, you’ll need to modernize Windows. Computers using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will no longer get the rearmost interpretation of Google Chrome, beginning with the rearmost interpretation, Chrome 110, which will be launched on Feb. 7. The new interpretation is designed to run on Windows 10 or latterly. Google support blazoned the move in October 2022.

Google Chrome Ending Support for Windows 7 and 8
Google Chrome Ending Support for Windows 7 and 8

As with utmost programs whose updates won’t work on aged operating systems, you can use the aged interpretation of Chrome, you just won’t get the newer stuff Google is working on. And you won’t have the rearmost security for your browsers moreover.
According to news the plan originally was for Google to make this move for Chrome in June 2021, but it was delayed doubly, first to January 2022, and now to this time.

This could be a big change for a lot of PC addicts. Others reports that Windows 8.1 is still the No. 4 Microsoft operating system worldwide.

The move comes at a time when Microsoft is also ending security updates for Windows 7and Windows 8.1. Those updates end on Jan. 10.
Chrome might be pulling the draw on Windows 7 and 8.1, but that doesn’t mean all browsers have done the same. However, you can simply find an indispensable browsers to use, If you’re not too hung up on using Chrome.

At the moment, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are the only browsers that have officially communicated plans to stop supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Luckily, other popular browsers, similar as Firefox, might still offer support. There are other benefits you will get from switching to Firefox from Chrome, despite the vexation.
Still, also it might be time for a new PC, if you’re using a PC that needs further than an operating system upgrade. You do not have to spend a fortune for a decent Windows 10 PC, as all new Microsoft PCs have Windows 10. So, you can find commodity suitable for you, indeed on a limited budget.

Letting go of an operating system that serves you can be hard, as you might dread the process it takes to upgrade your operating system, or you might have to buy a new PC. This is indeed harder when you no longer have a choice and cannot admit security updates on an aged interpretation. Still, upgrading Windows is the stylish way to go about it.


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