Forspoken’s Trophy List Hints at a Collectathon

One of the first big AAA open- world games of 2023 is Forspoken. Developed by Luminous Productions, the game will take players to the Athia where a corrupting force known as the Break is wreaking annihilation. The dowagers known as the Tantas were formerly benevolent but now rule with malignancy. Gamers will get to explore Athia soon, and the jewel list has been revealed.

Forspoken's Trophy List Hints at a Collectathon
Forspoken’s Trophy List Hints at a Collectathon

Judging by Forspoken’s jewel list, players are in for quite the collectathon. This generally makes for a boring grind in utmost videotape game, but Forspoken’s elaborate magic system will give plenitude of action along the way. At the veritably least, the list of collectibles seems simple, if long.

Forspoken Will Have numerous Collectibles

Forspoken’s launch date is just around the corner, and as is the case with utmost videotape games, the jewel list has set up its way onto the internet a many days before release. There are a aggregate of 54 glories, though jewel nimrods may be glad to learn that none of them are tied to difficulty situations. Of the 54 glories, one is Platinum, two are Gold, seven are gray, and 44 are Citation. There also appear to be at least 12 glories tied to the completion of the main story chapters.

Maybe the most challenging aspect of acquiring all the glories will lie with the collectibles, as quite a many glories are tied to them. For illustration, there are three Passage glories granted when players visit monuments. There are two Citation Passage glories one for visiting one and twenty monuments. The third Passage jewel is gray, and it’s uncorked when players visit fifty monuments. also, there are three Explorer glories, with two Citation bones uncorked when players discover ten and fifty points of interest. The third Explorer jewel, which is gray, is uncorked when players find a whopping one hundred points of interest.

Forspoken Collectibles
Forspoken Collectibles

The Realized Implicit jewel is earned when players learn every spell in the game. As gamers have seen from the campers and the rally, Frey will use the magic of Athia to master the adversaries that stand in her path, hence learning as numerous important spells as possible will be important. tackle and Caboodle, which is a tableware jewel, is uncorked when players acquire every piece of outfit, while the Happy Snapper jewel, which is Citation, requires players to show the children all the filmland taken at the print spots. Depending on how numerous print spots there are and how easy they’re to find, it could be a tough jewel to unlock.
Some glories go a little easy on players, similar as the Recorder jewel, which is Gold and requires players to only collect 80 of the Archive.

Here is the full list trophies to collect:

• Forspoken (Earn every single trophy)

• Archivist (Unlock 80% of the Archive)
• Abominizer (Defeat all four abominations)

• Awakening (Lay waste to a great evil for the sake of humankind)
• Pilgrimage: Adept (Visit fifty monuments)
• Explorer: Trailblazer (Visit one hundred points of interest)
• Call of the Fount: Beatified (Acquire the magical powers available from all the Founts of Blessing)
• Paragon (Learn every spell)
• Kit and Caboodle (Acquire every piece of equipment (except those only obtainable via sub-quests))
• Through the Eyes of Another: Visionary (Complete all flashback challenges at the Monuments to Wisdom)

• Attachments (Acquire a mysterious golden bracelet)
• Stuck (Journey through a beautiful yet deadly other world)
• The Interloper (Swear vengeance on a deadly foe)
• What Must Be Done (Survive a nightmarish ordeal)
• Might and Main (Emerge victorious from a showdown in a great fortress)
• Damned If You Do… (Taste the sweetness of peace and the bitterness of disaster)
• The Hue of Blue (Submit yourself to otherworldly justice)
• The Truth Will Out (Emerge victorious from a trial to end all trials)
• Breaking Point (Learn a hard truth, and accept a harder one)
• None the Wiser (Emerge victorious from a conflict in a twisted reality)
• Forspoken (Hold the fate of the world in your hands)
• Rebirth (See to the needs of the people of Cipal)
• Promises (Make a promise to someone very special)
• Moves (Earn the praise of the mighty Pilo with your dancing)
• Remembrance (Say a complete set of remembrances to the departed)
• A Roaring Trade (Trade poppets for all available items)
• Outdoorsperson (Set up camp)
• Pilgrimage: Initiate (Visit your first monument)
• Pilgrimage: Novice (Visit twenty monuments)
• Explored: Seeker (Visit ten points of interest)
• Explorer: Pathfinder (Visit fifty points of interest)
• Unlocked Potential (Spend mana to learn a spell for the first time)
• Realized Potential (Learn all the spells that can possibly be learned)
• Call of the Fount: Baptized (Acquire magical powers for the first time at a Fount of Blessing)
• Tinkerer (Craft an item for the first time)
• Craftsperson (Craft a healing item and two of Frey’s original pieces of equipment)
• Hop, Step, Jump (Perform five Shimmies in a row)
• Hell of a Run (Perform magic parkour for twenty seconds continuously)
• Endless Runner (Travel a total of 100km (62 mi) using magic parkour)
• I Can Fly! (Use Float to stay airborne for ten seconds)
• Leapfrogger (Jump over enemies a total of ten times)
• Tit for Tat (Perform ten precision counters)
• No Mercy (Perform thirty Killer Blows)
• Knock ‘Em Dead (Finish three or more enemies with a single blast of Surge Magic)
• Help Me Out Here (Use the Disperse spell three times in a single battle)
• Wildfire (Defeat an enemy bound by the Tangled status effect with Sila’s magic)
• Shocker (Electrocute three enemies at once)
• From Every Angle (Use all four types of Tanta magic in a single battle)
• Through the Eyes of Another: Empath (Complete your first flashback challenge at a Monument to Wisdom)
• Through the Eyes of Another: Seer (Complete flashback challenges at ten Monuments to Wisdom)
• Cat Person (Befriend all of Tantas’ familiars)
• Happy Snapper (Show pictures taken at all the photo spots to the children)
• Above and Beyond (Upgrade all your spells)
• Barely There (Hide for ten whole seconds – so long that people will forget you were there)


It has been a rough road to Forspoken’s release. The game has faced detainments, as well as a mixed event from cult who are not entirely vended on the dialogue. nonetheless, with a rally out for gamers to try, excitement for the game has risen, and it appears to be on track for a solid launch. The jewel list suggests that there may be plenitude of collectibles, though Frey’s magical parkour should streamline the process of achievement- stalking.

The lack of difficulty glories illustrates that Forspoken will probably be a game that’s accessible to all. In the rally, gamers can change their difficulty situations and indeed acclimate how important talking goes on between Frey and her talking lavaliere namedCuff.However, Forspoken could be a memorable title from Luminous Productions, If the fast- paced gameplay ties together well with the narrative.

Forspoken is listed to release on January 24 on PC and PS5.

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