Euphrosyne Alliance Raid Guide for Final Fantasy 14

With the release of Patch6.3 in Final Fantasy 14, the post-Endwalker MSQ continues. In addition, the alternate alliance raid in the Myths of the Realm series has eventually been released. In this set of raids, players uncover the mystifications behind the pantheon of divinities known as the Twelve.

Final Fantasy 14 Raid Euphrosyne Alliance Raid Guide
Final Fantasy 14 Euphrosyne Alliance Raid Guide

This new alliance raid, Euphrosyne, drops item position 620 gear along with a special coin that can be used to buy item position 630 stoked gear. Like with former alliance raids, there are a lot of mechanics going off at any given time that players will need to watch out for. This companion will give players an idea of what to anticipate as they load into Euphrosyne.

Unlocking Euphrosyne

In order to get into this new alliance raid, Final Fantasy 14 players will first need to have completed the former alliance raid in the Myths of the Realm series, Aglaia In order to start the searches that unleash these raids, players will first have to complete the entire6.0 MSQ for Endwalker along with some progression through6.1 MSQ. After beating Aglaia and completing thepost-raid searches, players will need to speak to Deryk outside of Mor Dhona to start the searches that unleash Euphrosyne.

Nophica – First Boss

First Boss Nophica
First Boss Nophica

Upon lading into Euphrosyne, players will incontinently begin with a master fight against Nophica. Just like with any master in an alliance raid, Nophica has a lot of capacities and mechanics that players will need to be prepared to deal with. The mechanics and how to deal with them are as follows.

  • Matron’s Harvest – An AoE attack that hits all players. Make sure everyone is healed up subsequently.
  • Cornucopia – Another AoE attack that hits all players and can not be avoided. Simply heal through it.
  • Heaven’s Earth – This attack is a tank joker, so players with the tank part should prepare to use damage mitigation and healers should be ready to heal tanks over snappily.
  • The Giving Land – When Nophica uses this attack, the arena will either be covered in lawn orflowers.However, they should move down from ruckus range to avoid getting hit by the attack, If players seeflowers.However, they should move as close to Nophica as possible, If players see lawn.
  • Reaper’s Gale – AoE lines cross across the arena. Move to the places where the attack will not hit, and also move out of those spaces after the first attack goes through.
  • Floral Haze – A debuff appears on players. When the debuff expires, players will lose control of their characters, and they will run in the direction they’re facing. During this time, Nophica will cast The Giving Land again and players will need to place themselves so that they do not run into one of the AoE attacks.
  • Matron’s Breath – Several pillars of light appear along with a circle of blue flowers and a circle of unheroic flowers. As the pillars go off in order, move to the circle that matches the color of the pillar to avoid taking large quantities of damage.
  • Landwalker – As the fight progresses, further AoE fields will appear when Nophica casts Reaper’s Gale.
  • Sowing Circle – AoE circles will appear on the ground and move down from Nophica. Dodge these attacks as they move across the arena.

Nophica will repeat this series of capacities until players master her. Away from that, players will also need to mound when a player gets marked with the mound index. Once Nophica has been defeated, roll on the spoil and move on. Several packs of adds stage between players and the coming master, but they are not too delicate to burn down.

Althyk and Nymeia – Second Boss

Second Boss Althyk and Nymeia
Second Boss Althyk and Nymeia

While at first it seems like players will only fight against Althyk, Nymeia shows up before the fight starts and players have to fight both gods at formerly. Players should make sure to tank heads down from each other to avoid having the heads buff each other. Both heads must be beaten within the time limit, or players will die incontinently. Nymeia’s primary handyperson is Spinner’s Wheel. There are three different cards that Nymeia can draw with each having its own effect.

Arcane magnet Look down from Nymeia when the debuff expires to avoid getting charmed.
Reversed Arcane magnet Look at Nymeia when the debuff expires to avoid getting charmed.
Arcane Fever Stop moving right when the debuff expires to avoid taking fire damage.
Fever Reversed Keep moving until the debuff expires to avoid taking damage.
In addition to Nymeia’s capacities, Final Fantasy 14 players will need to be prepared to deal with Althyk and his capacities, which are as follows.

  • Mythril Greataxe – Move out of the giant AoE attack.
  • Petra– A tank joker that tanks can mound on to alleviate damage.
  • Time and Tide – This abilitiy is one players will want to watch out for, as it accelerates the timekeeper on debuffs. This includes capacities cast by Nymeia, so players will need to be ready for capacities to go off faster than normal.
  • Axioma – Unnecessary AoE attack. Leaves dark fields on the ground that induce Heavy on players standing in them.
  • Hydroptosis – All players get a spread out icon over their heads and must move down from each other to minimize damage to the entire group.
  • Inexorable Pull – Move into the dark fields left behind by Axioma to avoid getting thrown up into the air.
  • Hydrorythmos – Water will move in the direciton indicated by arrows. Move in the contrary direction the water is going when it disappears to avoid getting hit.
  • Hydrostasis – Three pillars show up. Players must pay attention to the order and move toward the pillars to avoid getting knocked off the arena from the knock reverse effect when the master hits those areas. Periodically, Althyk will cast Time and Tide on one of the pillars. Players will need to make sure to move to that pillar first, anyhow of order.

All master capacities will repeat until players manage to master both heads. Once both Nymeia and Althyk have been defeated, roll on spoil and use the gate to go to the coming area. Just like ahead, players will have to deal with some groups of adds before they can fight the coming master.

Halone – Third Boss

Third Boss Halone
Third Boss Halone

Away from a change of decor , Halone proves to be a delicate master fight. Players will have to pay close attention to her attacks to avoid getting killed. Halone throws a lot of attcks at players, and then’s what to watch out for.

  • Rain of Spears – Unnecessary AoE that hits all players.
  • Spears Three – A tank joker that hits all three tanks.
  • Chalaza – One player will be marked, and other players must mound to alleviate damage from this attack.
  • Tetrapagos – Halone will indicate where four attacks will land. Players need to watch the ice patterns and study it. snappily move out of the areas projected by Halone, as getting hit by indeed one attack can be potentially fatal. This capability is cast frequently, so players will need to be watchful.
  • Doom Spear – Three pillars appear in the arena. Players must divide into three groups and stand coming to each pillar to alleviate damage for the entire alliance.
  • Thousandfold Thrust – Target labels will move toward one half of the arena. Move out of that area to avoid taking colossal quantities of damage.
  • Lochos – Two groups of pikestaffs will appear and shoot forward. Look for the spot where they will not hit and move there.
  • Will of the Fury – A ring of ice will start appearing, fading, and also reappearing near to the master. Players need to move toward the edge of the arena, stay for the ice to vanish, and also move down from the master. Players who get hit by the ice are firmed in place and take a lot of damage.
  • Wrath of Halone – Will of the Fury is incontinently followed up by Wrath of Halone. Players must be as far down from the master as possible when this is cast, or they will die.
  • Glacial pikestaffs – Three large pikestaffs are summoned. All three groups of players must pick a shaft and move to it incontinently before a hedge goes up that blocks the pikestaffs. All three pikestaffs, plus the bone in the middle, must be destroyed before the master’s hand reaches 100, analogous to the handyperson in earlier dungeons. formerly all pikestaffs are destroyed, group up in the middle and heal through the incoming damage.

Banning Glacial Spears, Halone will repeat these mechanics until she’s defeated. From there, roll on spoil and do on to the final master of this alliance raid.

Menphina – Fourth Boss

Fourth Boss Menphina
Fourth Boss Menphina

While not as brutal as Halone, Menphina has plenitude of tricks up her sleeve. The main mechanics and capacities of the last master of Euphrosyne are as follows.

  • Blue Moon – An necessary AoE that hits all players.
  • Love’s Light – Menphina conjures a moon. It starts out as a new moon( not full) and gradationally becomes a full moon. When this happens, the moon will unleash an attack in a wide line- shaped AoE field. Players must get out of this AoE field to avoid taking damage. latterly on in the fight when Menphina casts Love’s Light, four moons will appear as opposed to one. Players will need to precisely watch which moon is going to come full first and dodge the attack and also dodge the remaining three as well.
  • Night Frost – An AoE that hits half the arena, players will need to make sure they aren’t on the side that gets hit.
  • Lunar Kiss – A tank joker that hits all three tanks. Since it can not be avoided, players with the tank part should just use cooldowns to alleviate damage and get healed back over by players in the mending part.
  • Tableware Mirror – AoE fields move across the arena, but they can fluently be dodged by players.
  • Moonset – 3 AoE fields appear and Menphina will jump to those locales in the order that the circles appeared. Menphina also follows this up with Winter Halo. Players must move toward her to avoid getting hit by the attack.
  • Selenain Mysteria – Menphina becomes vulnerable to damage and process four pillars of ice. Players must destroy these as fast as possible before Menphina’s hand reaches 100. After that, players should group up in the middle and heal up after Menphina unleashes her attack. At this point, players will have to keep an eye out on Menphina’s wolf as it unleashes attacks of its own.
  • Sportful Route – Look for a safe spot to avoid the AoE attack unleashed by the wolf.
  • Keen Moonbeam – Players must spread out from each other.
  • Cratering Chill – Move as far down from the two labels on the left and right as important as possible to reduce damage. When this attack hits, the entire bottom will be covered in ice and come slippery. Players must also move toward the master to avoid getting hit by the forthcoming quintet of Playful Orbit and Winter Halo.
  • Moonset shafts – Players must mound to reduce incoming damage on the player with the marker on their head.

From then, mechanics willrepeat. However, they will successfully beat Menphina and complete Euphrosyne, If players are suitable to stay on top of these mechanics.

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