Elden Ring: Dropped item Remembrance of the Full Moon

In Elden ring as a gamer defeats the second main boss, an item will be dropped named Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen.

As they progress to the last boss on Elden Ring and the player completed its release from Limgrave heading north near Liurnia, they face the Raya Lucaria Academy, 2nd legacy of the dungeon. Since the Elden Ring’s “explore wherever you want game” open-world game, it’s easy to skip the second main boss Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.

When Elden ring gamers defeat Rennala at the academy, not only they will receive 40,000 Runes somehow they’ll also receive two items: The Great Rune of the Unborn and Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen (which we are focused on). As gamers read out the description on the menu of this item Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen, it’ll be written as: “Take the power of its namesake via Finger Reader.” For anyone confused about what to do with the dropped item “Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen“, this Elden Ring guide is easily described for you.

What/How to achieve with Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen drop?

The good news two tasks can be performed for this dropped item Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen. It can be availed with the gain of 20,000 runes in the inventory (used to level up and buy items), or (the recommended method) take it to Enia the Finger Reader at Roundtable Hold. Just head through the door south to find her room, speak to her and choose to gain power from a Remembrance.

Receiving power from remembrance from Finger Reader Enia

By offering Enia the Remembrance from Rennala, players are able to have one of two great rare items which are: Carian Regal Scepter staff or they can get Rennala’s Full Moon sorcery (which gamer should have remembered from the boss fight with Rennala which she uses it sometimes). So here only one item is pickable

Stats of Rennala’s Full Moon Item

Since a high-level gamer is required to use these items to their fullest potential, hence some time will be required for players before equipping them and using them accordingly in the Elden ring. To master and use Full Moon sorcery, Elden Ring gamers will need to be having an Intelligence level of 70. The latest news for Elden ring based on reviews and guidelines can be searched on techist In addition, to use the Carian staff, an Intelligence of 60 is mandatory and has to be fulfilled. Conclusion those having intelligence in the 1st place this item can be used with ease and proficiency as well as in the faster way.

Stats of Carian Regal Scepter Item
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