Devolo WiFi 6 Repeater 5400 Review

The Devolo WiFi 6 Repeater 5400 aims to give you briskly, wider- reaching Wi- Fi. It does this by transmitting a high-speed network of its own, which connects back to your being router. To insure top performance, Devolo has equipped this extender with 4 × 4 MIMO on the 5 GHz radio band. That means it can shoot and admit data at a massive,800 Mbits/ sec – the maximum possible within the Wi-Fi 6 standard.

WiFi 6 Repeater 5400
WiFi 6 Repeater 5400

It also works with bias that use the aged2.4 GHz band, at pets up to 574Mbits sec. A brace of Ethernet sockets at the reverse let you connect wired bias as well.

First look of WiFi 6 Repeater 5400

Utmost wireless repeaters plug directly into a mains socket, but this limits where they can be located and frequently obstructs touching sockets.

That’s not a problem with the Devolo WiFi 6 Repeater 5400. It comes with a meter-long mains string, so you can stand it accessibly on a office or shelf to avoid obstructions and get the stylish signal strength. You can also fluently pierce the binary Gigabit Ethernet anchorages on the reverse and see the light-up signal strength index on the front.
The Repeater 5400 can be stationed by simply pressing the WPS button on your router, also hitting the ADD button on the extender. This tells the repeater to capture your being network settings and start retransmitting them, so your bias can automatically connect to the stronger signal.

Alternately, the web-grounded operation interface lets you choose your own names and security settings for the extended 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks and explore plenitude of specializedsettings.However, you can spark mesh mode to have them all synchronise their settings – although I set up that one Repeater 5400 unit handed ample content for a three-bedroom maisonette, If you have multiple Devolo extenders.
At the bottom, you’ll find a nice and sturdy stage. This allows you to place it accessibly on any office or shelf. Since it comes with a cadence-long string to attach to your main source, obstructions are many and far between. It also does a good job of maintaining signal strength between walls and other apartments.

Around the reverse, you’ll find a harborage for AC power, two Gigabit Ethernet anchorages, a button to brace with WPS, and a reset switch. To pierce the reset switch, you’ll need to unfold a paper clip and fit it in the hole to reset the router. This is a point that’s analogous on numerous network bias.

Performance of Wi-Fi 6 Repeater 5400

For a device that supports Wi-Fi 6, you would only anticipate top-of-the-line performance. Fortunately, this repeater delivers on that frontal exceptionally well. This repeater supports a outside of 54000 Mbps transmission speed.

Of course, your bias can’t really get the full benefits of that bandwidth. This is because some of that bandwidth is used by the downstream connection to the router. Indeed also, this repeater has a gigantic effect on the Wi-Fi performance in your room.

Then it is a good illustration. I’ve a 100 Mbps internet connection in my home. still, there are certain apartments and areas in my house where the average download speed can be constantly low. After installing this repeater, the pets increased by over to 50, coming relatively close to that full 100 Mbps connection.

In apartments that are further down, the performance is indeed better. For illustration, the download speed went from 10- 15 Mbps to a full 80 Mbps in a room that’s relatively far down from the repeater. Since it uses Wi-Fi 6, it boosts the wireless signal significantly.

So, while it won’t magically increase internet speed, it’ll give a cure for weak Wi-Fi in spots where content isunreliable. However, this repeater will ameliorate that experience, If you have a larger space and there are certain areas where Wi-Fi is weak or the speed is slow.

You can also set it up as a Mesh Wi-Fi system, and Devolo actually sells a full tackle for that result. still, in utmost homes, just this repeater paired with a good router could be further than enough.

Should I Buy WiFi 6 Repeater 5400?

In conclusion, the Devolo Wi-Fi 6 Repeater 5400 is a protean device that does its job veritably well. It ticks all of the right boxes since it performs well, is easy to use, and blends in with nearly any room. Simply put, this is one of the stylish repeaters out there. Another important thing of note is that we haven’t noticed any issues with signal strength or speed throughout our testing.

That’s an important aspect since numerous repeaters work OK out of the box, but start having issues snappily down the line. That hasn’t happed with this one yet, and we don’t anticipate it to be moreover. So, it’s an excellent device through and through.

still, it’s a bit precious, and while it’s clearly important, not everyone will need that position of performance. That’s the only strike of this else excellent router, if Devolo had priced this further competitively, it would have been a no-brainer. Still, for someone who can take advantage of the versatility and redundant features, it’s an excellent product through and through. It gets an A recommendation from me.

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